Effectively Serve in Ministry
As a student you will receive the skills to effectively serve in the local church, the mission field, or other Christian ministries as the Holy Spirit leads you. Through the various means of training you will receive, your spiritual character will be enhanced, and a clearer awareness of how God is working around us will be achieved.
Preparing Men and Women
Since 1959, New England Bible College has served as an extension of the local church, preparing men and women for Christian ministry. Our task is to bring the truths of God’s all-sufficient Word to light and to help our students incorporate them into their lives.
Apply Learning Through Service
Christian Service is an essential part of the educational program and spiritual development of each student at NEBC. Christian Service provides an opportunity for students to apply in ministry what is being learned in the classroom, to grow spiritually, to minister to people, and to benefit from the experience of others through directed supervision.
Sharpen Your Thinking
In order to be useful, learning must be organized, interpreted, and applied. Within a framework of the historic teaching of orthodox Christianity, and the context of an evangelical understanding of Scripture, students are encouraged to explore their faith and are helped to sharpen their thinking through the challenge of other viewpoints, both secular and Christian.


Exciting Update concerning NEBC and Grace Evangelical

Posted on 01 Dec 2014
October 8, 2014 Dear Friend of NEBC, I am happy to report that the process of combining with Grace Evangelical College and Seminary is complete. The Grace Trustees and staff have been a pleasure to work with, and we’re looking forward to serving together as a much stronger team. Our m