Effectively Serve in Ministry
As a student you will receive the skills to effectively serve in the local church, the mission field, or other Christian ministries as the Holy Spirit leads you. Through the various means of training you will receive, your spiritual character will be enhanced, and a clearer awareness of how God is working around us will be achieved.
Master's Degree Classes
Beginning this fall, NEBC will begin to offer Master's level classes. This is a great opportunity for alumni seeking to move forward in their learning to return, or for new students that have obtained Bachelor's Degrees elsewhere and would like to advance their education locally. Master's Degrees offered are: M. A. in Ministry, M. A. in Biblical Studies, and Master of Divinity.
Preparing Men and Women
Since 1959, New England Bible College has served as an extension of the local church, preparing men and women for Christian ministry. Our task is to bring the truths of God’s all-sufficient Word to light and to help our students incorporate them into their lives.
Apply Learning Through Service
Christian Service is an essential part of the educational program and spiritual development of each student at NEBC. Christian Service provides an opportunity for students to apply in ministry what is being learned in the classroom, to grow spiritually, to minister to people, and to benefit from the experience of others through directed supervision.
Sharpen Your Thinking
In order to be useful, learning must be organized, interpreted, and applied. Within a framework of the historic teaching of orthodox Christianity, and the context of an evangelical understanding of Scripture, students are encouraged to explore their faith and are helped to sharpen their thinking through the challenge of other viewpoints, both secular and Christian.


Fall 2015

Posted on 17 Sep 2015
We have been very busy with the beginning of the semester. Too busy to even keep up on our posts! We’ve had orientation, classes, and a cookout! Here are some of the pictures taken so far:    

We are sorry for the loss of two friends.

Posted on 18 Jul 2015
New England Bible College is sorry to lose two friends: Lawrence Bell and Bonnie Helms. Lawrence was a trustee at NEBC for 35 years. You can read his obituary here: http://obituaries.pressherald.com/obituaries/mainetoday-pressherald/obituary.aspx?n=lawrence-e-bell&pid=175265190&am

Camp Good News

Posted on 07 Jul 2015
I had the opportunity to visit Camp Good News last Friday and speak about NEBC during the student’s chapel time. This week is their Christian Youth in Action training week, where teens 14-18 come to camp to learn more about the Lord and how to share Him with others. I spoke abou

I Will Make You Fishers of Men

Posted on 16 Jun 2015
Bean’s Corner Baptist Church in Jay, Maine has a full parking lot, and Ira Hall wants to see the church grow even more. I had the opportunity to visit and speak about NEBC at Beans Corner last Sunday, and I was met with a bustling fellowship of believers from all age ranges. I’ve met

Are You Thinking About Attending NEBC This Fall?

Posted on 02 Jun 2015
NEBC is excited to announce our fall semester schedule! The fall 2015 semester will be a great opportunity if you are interested in taking a free audit in a Freshman class like Hermeneutics, Christian Worldview, or Life of Christ. We will also be teaching three of Grace Evangelical

Take a class on Romans this summer at NEBC!

Posted on 05 May 2015
The Book of Romans Taught by Dr. Bosse Weekly class starts Tuesday, May 19th and runs through August 4th (No class on July 14th). 5:00P.M. – 8:50 every Tuesday. This class will discuss the meaning, theology, and personal application of the Book of Romans. This course is designed for s
New England Bible College

Did You Miss Us on WBCI?

Posted on 29 Apr 2015
Did you miss the chance to listen to me (Katie) on WBCI on April 17th and 18th? I had the opportunity to talk about New England Bible College with Lael Fenton, the pastor of Cornerstone Baptist  Church in Topsham, Maine. He does a weekly radio show called “Decisions” on Sa

Listen to us on 105.9 WBCI This Weekend!

Posted on 17 Apr 2015
You can hear me (Katie) on the radio Saturday and Sunday! 9:00A.M. Saturday, 2:00P.M. Sunday – on 105.9 WBCI or via live stream at http://lifechangingradio.com/wbci/ I will be talking about New England Bible College, my experience there, and what I am doing now. This is a great opport

The Napkin in Still Folded

Posted on 05 Apr 2015
My Grandmother grew up during the Great Depression, and she still has the rationing stamps in her house to show it. Sometimes she makes me laugh when I see just how thrifty she is. When I go to have lunch at her house she will have an assortment of napkins on the table with varying si