President Richard FrancisPrepare for Life

There are many paths a student might take to prepare for life. But for Christians any preparation should include a solid grounding in God’s Word. Since 1959, New England Bible College has served as an extension of the local church, preparing men and women for Christian ministry. Our task is to bring the truths of God’s all-sufficient Word to light and to help our students incorporate them into their lives.

As we face the increasingly difficult task of reaching our society with the Gospel, the need for well-equipped, dedicated servants of God has never been greater. By visiting this website you have taken an important first step toward your Christian college experience. Here you will find information about course offerings, faculty, tuition, scholarships and student life to aid in decision-making as you consider higher education.

As a student you will receive the skills to effectively serve in the local church, the mission field, or other Christian ministries as the Holy Spirit leads you. Through the various means of training you will receive, your spiritual character will be enhanced, and a clearer awareness of how God is working around us will be achieved.

As you sense God’s calling to greater service for the Kingdom, let us help you. We would be happy to answer any questions, and we encourage you to come for a visit. Our prayer is that you will see God’s clear direction for how you should prepare for life.

Serving our Lord together,

Rick Francis